Enjoy Freedom Between The Sheets

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The key to a higher libido is to embrace pleasure. Yet so often shame and/or guilt from social or religious stigmas inhibits sexual freedom. 

Believe it or not, about 17% of women experience vaginal dryness during sexual activity.
This often leads to pains and discomforts between the sheets.

How many do we need a week?
The answer may actually surprise you.
Orgasms are not just for fun and if we don't get enough, then we suffer both physically and psychologically.

You're Not 

Being raised in a Christian home, the subject of SEX has always been taboo. 
Whether it be church or in the home, I didn't have many clear conversations
on the beauty of intimacy in a healthy relationship.
Having conversations around sex these many years later is still challenging,
but opening up the jar of a once taboo subject has taken intimacy to a whole 
new level for me and Mr. Sexy.

Jessica Biles is a leading expert on women’s sexual health and wellness in the Pacific Northwest. An award winning “sexpert”, it is her goal to help any woman enjoy a fulfilling and vibrant sex life.
Jessica is highly recognized and endorsed as a trainer by the world’s leading sexual education company, Pure Romance. A 6-figure entrepreneur, she leveraged her sexual health thought leadership to earn a spot in the top 3% of her industry.
An active member of her community, Jessica has worked with nonprofits like Open Arms Pregnancy
Center and local area churches to bring attention to and demystify sexual intimacy issues.
Jessica is on a mission to help women and couples have the important conversations to enjoy a better sex life.

Jessica B.  Sexpert