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Tape + Jesus = ???

I have been a story teller my entire life. It started when my mom taught me the art of journaling around 7 years old or so. She taught me to put pen to paper and practice articulating my thoughts and emotions. Fast forward to today, and I am obsessed with real stories about real people. In the same way, I have a continuous drive to share my own stories. There is so much value to be found in this kind of connection.

A little over 15 years ago something happened to me that shouldn’t have. This is a story I don’t discuss as often as I used to and one you and I will most likely dive into here on this blog. Story telling is my favorite tool to show how active God actually is and how many times Jesus has provided during bad times and good. Sometimes I reflect on these stories and wonder at how we made it through?

Like when our family hiked home through a blizzard once. Which reminds me about when we were snowed in for two weeks which led to Mr. Sexy quitting corporate America. Then there are the stories about my relationship with my bi-racial stepdaughter who has Down syndrome. Have I mentioned my difficult relationship with my dad and how God flipped that story?

Welcome to JB’s Jesus Tape blog!

You might already know that I am a Christian Sexual Freedom Coach and that I enjoy dancing around in my vulva suit on Tik Tok + Instagram. I love framing the sexy conversations we have with comedy as much as possible. It’s probably my first biz in the sexual health industry that taught me the power of humor. (More on that is for a different day.) So, if you have not done so already, check out my social pages. lf you like what you see, subscribe to this blog because those same conversations will be happening here in greater detail!

Basically, this space is for the peeps who want to deep dive into the conversations rather than passively engaging with a short soda media post.

Story telling through blogging brings me back to my roots. When I was at my best as a young stay at home mom, I blogged like it was my job. Yet I didn’t make a penny. Writing has been a hobby of mine my entire life and I owe that to my mom who taught me. Now I find writing therapeutic – especially when I’m making public content. In fact, writing for an audience pushes me to write at my highest level and to be extremely thoughtful in my word choices. So, while I am a bit rusty with my writing skills, it sure feels good to be here again reflecting on so many stories.

When I look back at me at 16, I see the beginning of a really cool God story that was being held together by some Jesus Tape.

This analogy might be rooted somewhere in a Taylor Swift song like Invisible String. For me, Jesus Tape is how I like to imagine that God has got my back. See, tape is strong, sticky, yet thin, light and almost see-through. For my analogy, I imagine the biggest strip of basic Scotch tape that wraps around my family and my entire life. It might even wrap around 2 times or 3 times! Like the tape, Jesus is strong and promises never to leave us. Also like tape, Jesus isn’t always easy to see in the world around us. But just like your birthday gifts are held together with tape that is often hidden, Jesus is always strong enough to keep the pieces of our lives together. And he isn’t hiding. Not really.

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The best Part about my Jesus Tape is this: It never breaks

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