Karma is this wacky homeschool Life

Wow. A month ago I had no idea I would be a homeschooling, stay at home mom who lives in a small apartment on the beach. I am at risk of losing myself in my kids for sure. But I won’t. I say this with confidence because I am very aware I have a few needs not being met. So I keep myself same by doing all the small things that make me feel good. Orgasms are high on that list for sure! Other things are long walks on the beach, SAVORS, this blog, talking to stories and admiring my body.

Seriously, I loooove to look at my body. My new bathroom has these great mirrors where I get dressed every day. They aren’t floor length, but I can see enough of what I want to see. I think. this obsession with my body is a result of years of working on myself.

I am literally all over the place. I am trying to write this amazing blog post while I sit in on Timothy’s class.

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