Hope exists in all the things all the time. How can I say that with such assurance? Well, I have witnessed it. Even more so I have lived through it.

Hope: It’s Always Available for You, Darling

Hope exists in all the things all the time. How can I say that with such assurance? Well, I have witnessed it. Even more so I have lived through it. So here is what I know: When you can hold onto hope, just one glimmer, you have something to look forward to. And the thing is, when one piece of that hope takes root, the result is you you feel more alive in your soul. As you continue to hope, the thorny stem starts to grow and eventually flowers until your full hope is realized.

I thought I lost all hope, personally.

To be honest, there were times when I thought I lost the glitter. Instead, I only saw a dark void where my first love was supposed to go. The one who nick named me “Muck, Muck” as a baby. Who pushed me in the swings as high as we could go. My personal super man who brought home a large pizza and lit my world up. The thing is, love wanders and gets lost. And so, as time continued to move forward, hope felt futile.

Then without warning, the golden glimmer of hope took root and began to grow. It took a text, and five minutes of conversation.

And now there is a beautiful, golden, glittering rose growing out of all the pain and darkness and loss. It’s not fully flowered yet. In fact, I may not ever see that happen. But I have hope. So much hope.

Hope is all around you, Darling.

My friend, anything can be possible tin your life. Anything. So hold onto that hope, that sparkle. There is much going on behind the scenes you may never even realize. Your job right now is to allow for that slight sparkle of hope for what feels so lost.

Today I stand tall, proud and full of vision.

I am proud of me today. I am more sure of myself than ever. The work I have done all these years to heal pays off for me every day. You can see it in the words I write. I feel it in my heart as it softens towards the hardest of people. And Mr. Sexy sees the blooming version of the woman I am today versus the girl he married 9 years ago.

We will all always be deeply flawed. Ain’t no way around that. People will hurt you. Loved ones leave and sometimes never come back. You will make more mistakes, too.

Here’s what I want you to hear today:

There is always hope. Always.

There can be opportunity for healing with every rise of the sun. When you take the time to do the hard work on you, all that can happen next is growth. In fact, this personal work is the most beautiful give you can give yourself, and thus, your family. The work you do on you, as hard and painful as it is, will change lives.

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