Own Your Power House

Have you ever let another person’s opinions about your work stop you in your tracks? Maybe to the point where you gave up your craft entirely. Well, let’s be friends. Because I’ve been there! Family, friends, internet trolls, strangers in church…. you name it. They have all come at me in some shape or form and the result: I quit. So don’t be like me. Instead, own your power house of your work and keep going. It’s okay to be unavailable for what does not serve your purpose.

I am unavailable. I am unavailable for toxicity. I am unavailable for excuses. I am unavailable for fear taking hold. I am unavailable for criticisms pointed to squish someone else’s spirit down.

Here’s what I am available for.

I am available for scary, audacious dreams. I am available to find that silver lining through the hardest days. I am available to work hard and fail forward. I am available to hear the affirmations from my Creator and ignore everything else.

Hello! I’m Jessica B. And my message, my heart, the core of who I am – is for the woman who feels broken, bruised and unable to move forward. She doesn’t know why. She still feels like that 16-year-old girl who is lost and looking for love in all the places. She is a woman who has yet to find her powerhouse. And the cry of my heart is to help that woman find it.

I believe in you, in your purpose, in your story.

It matters. It truly does.

My message also goes to the 16-year-old girl of 2020. The girl who is surrounded by sex, politics and social media. She feels lost in a whirl wind of Tik-Tok, Instagram and Facebook fame. She wants desperately to be loved and will look for it elsewhere when it’s not found in her home. She has yet to discover that it doesn’t matter what choices she has made, she is valuable, loved and cherished.

Is there one thing in your life that you need to become unavailable for? And in that newly opened space, perhaps you will find, dare I say it… Freedom. Clarity. Rest.

That’s how it works for me, anyways.

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