Relationship is my Jam. Any relationship can have its challenges. I will show you how I have maneuvered my way as a step-parent, co-parent, wife, friend and family member.

Relationship is My Jam: One Might Say it’s My Calling

Hi friend! Welcome to my tiny space of the internet! In this particular blog you may find a huge variety of conversations ranging from parenting to spirituality to business to relationship and so on. Here’s one thing you can for sure expect in every post: Unapologetic, authentic and real life stories from my life curated to help you, my reader. And let me tell you, I’m so happy you’re here!

So, who is this lady, anyways?

Well, I currently am living in a quaint, old farmhouse in Washing state with Mr. Sexy and our very well blended family. Mr. Sexy is my husband and we married July, 2011. Our love story isn’t quite so conventional, particularly considering the conservative families we both grew up in. We both brought a child into our marriage and over the years had two more together. Our oldest daughter, Ciena happens to have Down syndrome and is half African American which causes many people to think we adopted her. These are all the reasons I refer to our family as, “very well blended.”

Writing has been a tool since I could hold a pencil.

I write here and share my stories because I have to. I believe we are all called to do something special with our lives. For me, one of those things is writing. Years ago I allowed internet trolls to stifle my voice. Then a few years after that I allowed family to snuff my voice completely. It was only after reading a book called, “The Artist Way,” that I realized my true calling once more.

I’m more than a writer though.

I am also a sexual health and wellness educator with a company called Pure Romance. My conservative circle of friends and family isn’t always sure what to make of my job which only fuels my love for what I do even more. It is my mission to create relationship with women and help normalize the conversation surrounding sexual intimacy, particularly women in church. At the young age of 16 I began experimenting sexually in effort to find love and acceptance from a boy. Any boy. I had no idea the power of sex and had no idea the damage that I would be working to correct for years to overcome.

Life happens in ways least expected.

This will sound totally cheesy – it’s the truth though. I am so blessed to have found Mr. Sexy and grow in relationship with him. He has allowed me to work through all my things and taught me the true meaning of love and forgiveness. Mr. Sexy also taught me a different Jesus than I had previously known. My story – as I learn how to share it in its entirety – is proof that love does conquer all. No sin is too great. There is always hope.

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