Don’t let me convince you to wear your lingerie

Lingerie is a pretty significant waste of money. You can easily blow hundreds of dollars on these tiny plaices of fabric that you typically wear one time if at all. Plus the lace is usually itchy, the straps grab in the wrong way, and rarely is there enough support for your breasts. It’s just not comfortable, much less sexy. So when your spouse says, “Don’t waste the money, I prefer your naked body,” you completely get it.

This is your permission to stop wearing your lingerie… If you want

I would love to ask you a frank question. What if these silky, soft nighties are integral to your sex drive? I am a firm believer that when you feel good, you do good. By this I mean when you feel confident in your body, you are empowered. For example, let’s say that Lucy is the woman I described above who doesn’t like lingerie. Then she connected with a sex coach who suggested she give lingerie another try.

This time, though, the focus of what she wears is about what feels good to her. So if it’s itchy, don’t wear it. If it’s too big or too small don’t wear it. If it’s not a color you love don’t wear it. If it’s uncomfortable in any way, don’t wear it. Now you are learning what to look for when shopping for lingerie!

The items you choose to put on your body can make you feel good or bad, there is no in-between

You are either walking into your bedroom with all the confidence in the world, or you’re not. In my experience, nudity is always somewhat vulnerable. There are times when I don’t even want Mr. Sexy to see me naked. It feels too vulnerable for one reason or another. Now add the intimacy of sex on top of the vulnerability of nakedness.

All that to say, lingerie is all about making you feel confident and good in the gorgeous body you have today

Recently I asked my Instagram audience what they love about linguine.
Here is what they said:

“It makes me feel sexier!”

“I like adding a little fire”

“The fav thing l wear in my hubby’s eyes is my ratty old bikini or my fav bra or nothing lets be honest”

“I do love me some sexy underwear though. Especially after a way!”

“My partners LOVE it”

Lingerie can be a regular part of your life or something you wear every once in a while. Your favorite bra and parties set you have had since your newlywed days still count as lingerie. At the same time, Trying new pieces and experimenting with styles is a great way to add some flair to the bedroom. (This includes my single friends also.) So what are waiting for?
Treat yourself to something a little Sexy today.

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