Just Show Up

I love Mondays. It’s a fresh start to a brand new week. Regardless of what happened yesterday, last week or all month long, Monday always comes back around as an opportunity to Begin Again. So starting my day the right way is really important to me. This means gratitude journaling, talking with God and some personal development time. It’s how I focus my day and empower myself to show up – even imperfectly. However, on this particular Monday… months ago now… I was struggling to show up at all…

And here is that story…

My 5:55 AM alarm sounded. I swiped up to turn it off and snooze. By the time I opened my eyes again it was 8:30. I felt a wave of frustration, stress and ultimately failure. Up until this morning I had been consistently getting up with my alarm. I did my morning routine which (almost) ALWAYS launches me into a productive work day. However, I had already lost 2 ½ hours of my morning. I felt failure in this and decided today was probably not going to be a work day.

As I was in this thought process of deciding whether or not to go back to sleep, Mr. Sexy came home from dropping the kids off at school. His energy was high and he had a mission that began with opening all the curtains in our bedroom – sleep was no longer on the menu. He brought me hot coffee and sat with me on the bed, empowered in his rejuvenated mindset, and he started a difficult conversation. 

Sometimes, saying the hard things out loud can actually help find resolution. It’s a vulnerable place to be.

There was no going back now. After an hour of talking and trying to get Chewbacca (nick name for my 3-year old) to snuggle with me, I knew I had to get my day started right. This would probably mean a slightly less productive day because of time, however, it was going to be way better than doing absolutely nothing. So I grabbed my journal and my pen, and I got to work.

Being an entrepreneur is messy and not for the faint of heart.

I have read this cheesy phrase in many instagram posts. The hard truths behind that statement, though, have been realized recently. I have spent the past few months questioning my abilities every day. I have asked God where we went wrong so many times. In the back of my mind, the idea of quitting was following me around everywhere I went. 

Yet , every day I moved forward.

I kept going. I continued to show up. I didn’t quit. Because what if I was on the right path? What if this was truly just a season I’d look back on one day and share with thousands of people to encourage them? Who knows. 

Today is Monday. It’s fresh. There’s no mistakes in it yet.

This week is yours to do with what you want.

I am choosing to show up.

Will you?

What is one thing you do that helps you show up for your work as your best self?

I would love to know! Leave a comment or send me a message on Instagram or Facebook. I would love to connect with you!

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