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Today I feel a little helpless with a side of hope and a dash of anticipation. Helpless because I can’t seem to bring in enough income. I’m hopeful because Jon does have a great job and I will continue to build my income. And then I anticipate so much exciting change these next few years. All of these sensations and feelings come and go through my body during my day.

Today is our final day at homewood suites by Hilton in Redendo Beach. This place has been amazing. We have been able to truly relax, rest and enjoy this piece of on journey. We are only here because people brought us here. People carried us through our car blowing up and figuring out the aftermath. People are nothing short of incredible.

We are all sad to leave our current hotel. Weave likely going back to the motel 6 we started at. We are okay with that, too. For us, motel 6 was the first place we all felt safe after or drive to California. It’s where we figured a lot of things out. This motel is also going through renovations so our room was new, so clean and very spacious.

There is always pros and cans to every situation. Or in the words of Garth Brooks, to everything there is a blessing and a curse. This idea helps me so much and I’m trying to instill this in my kids. There is no perfect situation. Not ever. With money comes a curse. With poverty comes a blessing. And vice versa.

The problem is I grew up being taught that God is in central of those curses and blessings. But in reality, we are. We are the humans with free will.

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