Instagram and other social media's purpose is to serve you. Instagram's algorithm is designed to encourage real, genuine conversations and relationships

Instagram & How to Avoid the Follow-Unfollow Game

Instagram and other social media’s purpose is to serve. This blog you are reading is actually less about me and more about how I can serve you. My Instagram account has everything to do with showing up for women who want to learn about sexual health & wellness – it has nothing to do with me or what I want to see. Even Tik Tok isn’t about me. If it was, I wouldn’t be attempting dances and creating content with any specific message attached.

Instagram doesn’t like the Follow-Unfollow Game.

Every once in a while an account will message me on Instagram asking for support in the form of a follow. This is always tough for me to answer. So I usually go back to check out their page again. Usually I come to the conclusion that I’m not the ideal client for that person’s message. This, my friend, is OKAY. If I were to follow this account that I know I wouldn’t engage with, I am doing the creator a huge disservice.

Instagram’s algorithm is designed to encourage real, genuine conversations and relationships.

In fact, the algorithm will punish an account who has more disengaged followers than engaged. By this, I mean an account that has asked for or purchased 5k followers will not get the monetary growth entrepreneurs typically seek. Personally, I’m thankful that someone smarter than me set up this platform in a way to help me grow my brand and my business. In other words, I do not want a person following me who does not want to be there. For example, that would be like me throwing a Girl Party with most of the women attending playing on their phones and getting wasted instead of enjoying what I planned for them.

The number of followers you have means nothing if your followers don’t care about what you have to say.

You are in the service industry, my friend. Your social media accounts should have less to do with you and everything to do with who you serve. So, let’s say you’re not quite buying into this message. And let’s say you are playing the numbers game. This means you are looking for followers any way you can get them. You might buy them, ask for them, participate in the follow trains – all the things.

It’s likely that your account will grow to a large number of followers. It’s also likely that those accounts will be bots, disengaged accounts or people who are playing the same game as you. From what I have seen, this further results in posts that go unnoticed. In other words, you would get few to zero comments and a low number of likes, shares and saves. This tells the algorithm no to push your content to your followers or the explore page.

You have every right to unfollow the accounts who don’t give you value.

So now let’s say you’re playing the service game. You’re more interested in serving the 50 people who follow you instead of anything else. You know the message you want put out, and you put it out every day with whom you are talking to in mind. And here’s the cool thing: You will find monetary growth. When you serve the people in your circle well, you build Know, Like & Trust. This leads to conversations which leads to products or services being purchased.

Real growth happens when you serve your audience, and serve them well.

Which game are you playing, Friend? I’m in the business of serving you tot he best of my abilities.

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