Joy Unbridled joy can be found in your life through the exciting and mundane happenings. It's your choice to be open to receive those moments.

Joy: Unbridled Joy can be Found in the Every Day

Do you want unbridled joy in your life? Here is my big secret to achieving this: Create something! Anything! For instance, make a Tik Tok video – even if you think you look fat or stupid. Write in your journal or make a delicious dessert. On the other hand, go for a walk and look for wild flowers. Garden. Re-pot a few plants. Purge your closet. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s the thing, when you create something, you receive joy in your life.

I was scrolling through Tik Tok and Facebook and Instagram. You know, all the things. And I started to feel heavy. A cloud came over me and my mood shifted to wanting to drink whiskey and binge some Netflix. It took me a few minutes to realize I needed to put something good into the world. In other words, something fun; so of course I created a few Tik Tok videos. They are not perfect, curated content. They probably won’t get huge views and that’s not what matters.

What matters is I tapped back into my unbridled joy.

Joy is what keeps me going. It’s what moves me from one hard moment to the next. I stay excited to pursue my dreams and love on my family. In fact, it’s the reason I’m writing to you now; I felt the surge of energy to produce and am riding that wave until my day is truly complete.

For me, my day isn’t over until I say it’s over.

Sometimes that might be noon, or I might work clear till midnight. Regardless, when I am in alignment with my purpose, I can continue to experience happiness we all crave. The best way I have found to achieve daily moments of happiness is to create. I recently re-introduced cross-stitch into my life. That’s something to look forward to. It breeds moments of happiness as I work.

Happiness is fleeting and joy is your constant.

You have a calling to do something that literally nobody else can do. Do you now what that is? Think about this: When you can tap into your purpose you find the daily does of happiness. As you move forward every day in your calling you, too, will begin to experience unbridled joy. Furthermore, if this is something that is tugging on your soul, I can’t say enough about “The Artist Way.” This program is how I personally moved out of a space of “working” to waking up excited for the new connections I would be making.

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