Lubricant can make or break your sex life because it helps make sex more safe, comforatable and fun. Use the right lubricant for the right occastion, too.

Lubricant: A Girl’s Bestie in the Shower & The Bedroom

Lubricant can make or break your sex life. For instance, have you ever used a product below the waist that made your genitals feel like they are on fire? Thankfully, with me, you don’t have to worry about that. In other words, it’s my intent to help my friends choose the best product possible for their body type and sensitivities. No more fire!

“Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter.” – Sebastian

Can you imagine what going down a slip ‘n slide would be like without the water turned on? Ouch! The thing is, this is what sex can be like for women without proper lubricant. You see, sex is generally more safe, comfortable and so much more fun with the right lubricant!

However, it’s important to use the RIGHT lubricant for the RIGHT situation. Jump in the shower or the pool, for instance. Water-based lubricant tends to soak into the skin. It almost feels like the lubricant washes off when introduced to water. Silicone lubricant, on the other hand, creates a barrier between you and your partner or you and your toy. This makes it ideal for what I like to call, “shower lube.” Pure Pleasure, to give it a name, is ideal for water, marathon love-making and ::gasp:: anal play.

NEVER use a creamy lubricant or a water-based lubricant for back door penetration.

In fact, you ideally want two specific products to get the best enjoyment with anal sex: Booty Eaze gel and Pure Pleasure. One of the biggest complaints women tell me about anal play is that it’s painful. Booty Eaze will help relax the anus muscles, which helps increase pleasure. Then apply the Pure Pleasure lubricant – like a lot – and enjoy yourself! To clarify, silicone lubricant is VITAL for back door play because unlike the vaginal canal, there is no natural lubrication in the anus. We must create it ourselves for safe, enjoyable sex.

What my Customers Say about Pure Pleasure lubricant

“This has been wonderful. I am a very sensitive woman and most products irritate me. This product so far has not caused any problems. my husband enjoys the way it feels as well. thank you so much” – Dorionna Q.

“A little goes a long way! Also it seems to last longer than ‘Just Like Me’, especially when using toys.” – Toni H.

“Without pure romance and their line of personal lubrication, I woukd not be enjoying my prime as much as I am!” – Alena G.

“We use this for anal sex…it really makes the experience much more pleasurable” – Kristen D.

Ingredients in Pure Pleasure lubricant

Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Tocopherol Acetate.

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