Power outages are normal for us. I wanted to blame anybody but me for the power outages, the cars that got repoed and the poor money management in general.

Power Outages Got Nothing On Us & Here’s Why

Power outages are normal for us. In fact, they have been happening our entire relationship – no sarcasm intended. So it was a nice surprise when a work man arrived at our front door to let me know they would be working on the power lines for most of the day. I prepped by filling water bottles, going to the bathroom and plugging in all of our electronic devices. We. Are. Set.

Power outages, in the past, have wreaked havoc though.

Years ago we were a young family in the sense we were a new family. Navigating life with a spouse means, for us, moving through the storms together. Then add kids into the mix and things can feel pretty intense. So I started playing the blame game. I decided it was Mr. Sexy‘s fault I was home alone, with kids, and no way to contact the outside world. Keep in mind, too, we basically lived in the middle of a forest. I remember sitting in our beautiful rental home, moving through tears to anger then fear. Mr. Sexy had a lot to come home to during those times.

I now understand that life’s storms were teaching us – painfully – to trust our Creator and lean on each other instead of against.

You see, I wanted so badly to blame anybody but me for the power outages, the cars that got repoed and the poor money management in general. The truth is, “power outages” is my way of telling you that our lights have been turned off many times because of circumstances out of our control – as well as the electric company stopping by to turn off the lights until we made appropriate cash payments. You could cut the tension in our home with a knife.

Mr. Sexy has always been great at keeping a level head, though. In fact, when I was sitting home all alone and freaking out, he knew exactly what was happening and working to fix the problem. He is the King of Deals, peeps. He knows how to get on the phone, make his case, promise a payment date and voila – lights are back on. Mr. Sexy has taught me there is always a solution to any problem.

Never give up hope, even when it seems like power outages, deadly illness and lack of job security will take you down.

You have the power to choose how you react to every single situation. Every storm will pass; it’s just the way it works. Lightening may strike and you may be sitting in the dark for a bit. The thing is, you can decide to grow through the storm or cower into it.

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