Jessica B wearing her vulva suit showing Euphoria Enhancement Gel & Water-Based Lubricant.

Three E’s You Need For Stronger Orgasms

Whether looking for stronger orgasms or just a new technique to add to your sex menu, you’re in the right spot! There is nothing worse than an orgasm that just … won’t … come … the way you want them to. (Remember: All puns intended!) One past client described her inability to orgasm like a large pot of boiling water and just before the pressure blows the lid off, everything calms back down to a low simmer. Gah! So frustrating! Lucky for you, I am sharing the three E’s to stronger orgasms. Use these ideas together or individually, with a partner or all on your own. . So experiment! Have some fun between the sheets today.

Enhancement Gel gives the clitoris a tingling, cooling sensation to heighten the sensitively of all those nerve endings.

Now, keep in mind you need only a pea sized amount of this gel on the clitoris. For women who are particularly sensitive, perhaps start with even less. Think of it this way: You can always add more and can’t back what’s been applied. So start with the tiniest amount and add more as needed.

Use this on a penis, too, the formula is that powerful! Not all enhancements work for the penis and the clitoris. Here’s an example: Tthe “0” cream on my shopping site, unlike the gel, will not add much sensation to the penis, if any at all. For her, though, the cream will take effect after just a few minutes of gentle massaging into the clitoris.

Now, to further help to achieve stronger orgasms, consider extending your foreplay.

In all honesty this should probably be at the top of the list. Most women I meet need or want more foreplay. Too many women laugh when I mention foreplay saying things like, “Foreplay? What is that?!”

Statistically women need 15- 20 minutes of foreplay which allows time for the mind and body to connect and prepare for pleasure. Yes, men need this too and both genders may need more or less than the average foreplay time. Foreplay can also be a variety of different things. It’s not just making out before sex while getting handsy. Good foreplay is intentional and involves a give and take between both partners. For instance, she might enjoy him kissing on her neck and he might like dirty talk. Put those two things together and you have some great foreplay which ultimately leads to stronger orgasms!

Lastly, try edging as a technique for stronger orgasms.

It’s funny to me how different sex techniques I have been using all my life now have terminology. Like edging. I honestly hadn’t heard of that term up until a few years ago. And I can personally attest to how much stronger your orgasms can be with this method! Alone or with your partner!

Edging is the practice of bringing yourself to the point of orgasm, and then stopping. You can do this multiple times until you’re ready to explode and you (or your partner) let it happen. Keep in mind you can overdo it with edging. There is such a thing as too much stimulation. So pay attention to your body and be open to letting your partner know when you are starting to lose the orgasm or when you are just plain ready to let it happen!

Just like with any kind of sex, the techniques take practice to master.

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