Being Basic

Everybody wants to be liked, if we’re being honest with ourselves. So why not wear something designed to increase your likeability!
Take Sarah, for instance. She represents a few of my clients. I met her at one of my Girl Parties and she went home with one of our most popular products, Basic Instinct. She loved the way it smelled and more than that, she loved the way it smelled on HER. She did notice it smelled good on her friend, too, though it was a little different.

The next day she followed my party tips and dabbed the roller ball to a few main pulse points: Behind her ears, her wrists and her collar bone. Then a quick spritz of her favorite perfume (not too much, though) and she headed out to hear waitressing job. 

She had a really good day, which isn’t abnormal. She really liked being a waitress and being able to make tips. She was good at she did and her customers always enjoyed her taking care of them. Her tips paid the bills and that was good enough for her. Well, on this particular evening, she noticed she had made more tips than she had expected she would. She was flying high at such an increase in cash even though the restaurant hadn’t been particularly busy. People had just been extra generous. 

The next day, the same routine, and close to the same tips as the night before. Again, not super busy. Weird! This happened for a few days and she really didn’t mind. Then one morning she woke up super late and had to rush off to work. No time for prepping or primping. She had another great day at work. When counting out her tips, though, she noticed she didn’t make as much as she had been making the past few weeks. That’s a bummer. 

The next day was back to normal. She realized the one difference: Basic Instinct. 

See, Basic Instinct is a pheromone cologne that uses synthetic pheromones to bring out your natural pheromones. It’s an attractant cologne that can be paired with any additional fragrances to create a scent completely unique to the wearer. 

Sarah immediately emailed me, telling me she was almost doubling her tips by wearing her pheromone cologne and she felt generally happier. I was so happy for her, I asked permission to share her story with you. And by the way, pheromones are a natural mood booster. So the moral of the story is, when you feel good, so do the people around you.