How I Met My Clitoris

Coin cunts by Susanna Scott

When did you first discover your clitoris? If you’re anything like me, you discovered it young and had no idea what it was. Today I want to share with you the fragmented story of how I came to meet my clitoris. Interestingly, my story feels fragmented because I don’t actually remember every detail. What I do remember, though, is the experience which was a bit was a bit odd if I’m being honest.

I discovered my clitoris at 8 years old and experienced shame for it most of my life.

Sadly, up until recently, I was ashamed at how long my clitoris and I have been besties. The only person who knew this part of my sexual history is Mr. Sexy. I never talked about this with a friend, mentor or anyone else for that matter. Sharing this secret with Mr. Sexy did not happen quickly, either. It took a lot of years to get the courage.


As far as I knew, masturbation at such a young age is not normal. And, well, I knew this because no one told me otherwise. It was me, myself and I inside my head. Right or wrong, I absolutely loved getting to know my clitoris, as every girl should be able to.

The introduction between me + my clitoris was innocent, fun + healthy

Here’s my goofy story: I was playing around one Saturday and wound up straddling the bathroom door. I was probably bored, trying to get out of doing chores or something. I grabbed the shiny brass door knobs on either side of the door while planting my feet firmly to the ground. One foot landed in the hallway carpet mirroring the foot on the bathroom’s linoleum floor.

I was a strange site as my imagination quickly transformed that white door into a beautiful strong, white steed. I was a princess with my tangled blonde hair blowing wildly in the wind. As my horse trotted through fields of pink flowers, we moved as one. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. So, while pretending to ride my fake horse aka my bathroom door, I noticed the way it made me feel between my legs.

Thus, a beautiful, shame-ridden relationship between

a girl and her clitoris was born.

I quickly discovered my orgasm (though I wouldn’t know that term for many years) and began to experiment with great interest. Except for a very short list of childhood friends, I did not tell a soul about my private practices. As a teenager I tried bringing up masturbation in my youth grap with the girls, and we couldn’t even say the word, “masturbate.” instead, me used the pseudonym Elmo’.

Perhaps you also discovered your clitoris very young. I would absolutely love to read your stories! Please email me about how you discovered your clitoris! Email me directly at

All photos are from Suzanna Scott.

Coin Cunts by Suzanna Scott

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