How to Release from Overwhelm

Today I want to share with you my 3 best tips to help release from overwhelm in your life. As a busy wife & mom, entrepreneur, or working outside the home, this is for you. First, I need to make a bold statement, if I may…

Overwhelm is a choice, and never a good one.

I heard this phrase for the first time from a guy who’s name is Bob Heilig. I learned a lot from him and this phrase is one of those that has stuck with me. In fact, it’s become a favorite phrase I repeat back to myself again and again and again.

In everything going on with your life, you have power to feel small and tiny, as if things are happening to you. Or you can pull up your big-girl-panties and understand that you are solely responsible for the outcome of what life brings your way. You have the power to sit in overwhelm, unable to move forward. Or you can stick with me and follow my personal 3-step system to move through and out of this unnerving space.

1. Write it down

What is it that feels so huge it has you stressed to the max? Give it a name. Write it down. There is power in naming the thing and in putting it on paper. So, if you are currently overwhelmed, jump up from this post and grab a pen and paper and write down the thing. I’ll wait………..

Seriously, I’ll wait……………………………………………………………………………………

Ok awesome! Next, write down what tasks need to be completed. Is it the dishes and vacuuming and dusting and making doctor appointments and scheduling face time calls with the grandparents and then cooking and having to come up with yet another in home date night idea? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who worries about all those things PLUS social media and client calls and keeping track of the books and follow up and team calls and creating new programs and selling the current program…. Wow, I’m super exhausted just thinking about all of that! What if you work outside of your home and you come home to the kids who didn’t get their nap and a husband who is over worked and the house is a mess and maybe you just signed up for this side hustle gig and now you have to…. Is this familiar to anyone else?

Your next step is to make a list of the things you need to do to move forward. Brain dump it. Write it down in any order on the page. It doesn’t matter. 

Then you are going to number 1-100 (it’s okay if you don’t have 100 things LOL) on the importance of all those things. 1 is your MUST GET DONE LIKE LAST WEEK thing. And then keep going through your list. Is there anything that can be crossed off because maybe it’s not as important as you originally thought? Try it out. See how it feels…

2. Time Blocking

Time blocking is one of my favorite things to do. This is the system of putting specific times in your calendar (yes, use a calendar peeps) to do the specific tasks. There are so many ways to utilizing time blocking: You can time block minute by minute, hour by hour or give your self a block of time in your day based on what you have going on.

Here has been my journey with learning to time block: I started out with an excel spread sheet and broke up the enter day into 15 minute sections. I made sure to fill every. Single. Section. I put in time with the family, specific business tasks, when to do a workout, when to eat and on and on and on. This is a great system! It didn’t work so great for me long term. I need a bit more freedom.

I then shifted into writing out my daily schedule on a pad of paper the night before. Free handing it on an open space of paper (not lined) seemed to give me freedom to work in a creative space. For instance, from 9-11 in the morning was my business time and and at 11:00 I took a walk and from 12:00 to 12:45 I did lunch…. This worked for a long while. Again, though, I needed even more freedom. More space to “play” in.

So I shifted again to using that same pad of paper and simply writing down my tasks as check box list – without using specific times. What I did do, though, is give myself an allotted time to do the tasks. For instance, on my list might be Pure Romance business, blog and engage in social media. I would put two hours for Pure Romance, one hour for blogging and 30 minutes for social. The specific times of getting these done are now up up to me!

However you organize your day is the best way. The key is to start somewhere, with one system, and then that brings me number 3.

3. Tweak It

You might have noticed how I shifted at least three times in figuring out my own time blocking system. The truth is, I will probably continue to tweak it again and again and again and eventually I will find the perfect system for me. Or maybe I won’t. Maybe these systems change as we and our lives change. 

Choosing to utilize a tool given to you is always a smart choice. On the other hand, waiting for the “perfect” method can easily lead you into a standstill in your work which will lead to overwhelm.

Overwhelm is a choice, and never a good one.

I hope this is valuable for you!

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