Karma is this beachy Life

Life right now feels like some sort of bonkers vacation. How can it be real life that we live in an over budget 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment right on the beach? There are a lat of things we didn’t expect after reaching long Beach. This find is an awesome unexpected gem.

I only scheduled US to look at these apartments out of mild curiosity. The apartment was 2 bedrooms and the listing showed fairly unimpressive photos. Except for one.The view of the living room looked like in also had aa small balcony over looking the beach. This place was also at the highest rent we planned to budget for.

Moving into a two-bedroom felt so crazy. Then we walked into this place.

A kid you not, we all gasped when we walked in. We instantly fell in love. While viewing, we met a couple who collectively lived there for 19 years. We felt a really positive connection with them. Generally we all felt safe quickly after being there. The entire complex is locked and so is the parking. This Place even came with a pool!

We immediately put in our application and crossed our fingers and held our breath and prayed to the universe. The more we talked about lift on the beach in a small apartment, the better we felt. on an emotional level, we felt like we could really rest here. Heal here. Grow here. Even retire here.

Our applications to rent went through smoothly. The problem was that somebody beat us to the 2-bedroom with the view. The other options were a a-bedroom with no view and a 3-bedroom with a view of Jack In the Box. The 3-bedroom also took us officially over our planned budget.

Bux… We lead with our hearts. We signed an intent to lease with a partial non-refundable deposit for the 3 bedroom. We then had 10 days to come up with the required money to move in. Mr. Sexy’s pay check alone wouldn’t cut it. The cards I played to find the money 1 have held close to my chest for a lang time. Now it was time to go there and pursue every crazy option.

First we got the car appraised. We considered the amount it would bring in against not having a car anymore, we came to the conclusion that because we are homeschooling and working so close, we could easily navigate life with public transportation, bikes and a bit of Ubering. Is this a crazy way to think and do life? Maybe.

Next we got my ring appraised. We were excited that the value is very high. But like most fine jewelry the fair Market value is pocket change. The jeweler was so nice and he had some crazy advice that turned out to be amazing. He suggested we ask a family member or friend to give us a lock with a fixed interest rate using my ring as collatoral. Mr. Sexy and I literally looked at each other and laughed. The only people we know who might have that kind of money would be my parents. And we don’t talk to them.

Long story short I went all in on the best idea we had. I began the process of looking for a finance by spending two whole hours writing a litter to my mom. You can find it posted in my blog. Verbatim. Knowing this email would fall on muted ears, I wrote up a got wretchingly honest Facebook post about looking for a finance.

Within minutes 3 people messaged me, wanting to help. A few hours later we officially had a financer. She happened to be in a position to do this and she said she really wanted to help US out. I am so grateful.

I did not get a response from my email. When I found a financer I texted my mom to let her know. She said OK

And I will continue this story on another day because it gets juicy!

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