Vibrators carry many stigmas with them, most of which are negative. These stigmas are the result of misuse in the pornography industry and distorted views of sexuality in religious culture.

Vibrators are for the Christian Women, too

Vibrators carry many stigmas with them, most of which are negative. These stigmas are the result of misuse in the pornography industry and distorted views of sexuality in religious culture. In fact, did you know that the original vibrator was invented due to an “illness” called hysteria.

Basically, women were suffering from symptoms such as stress, lack of appetite, fainting, insomnia and the list continues on and on and on. To be “cured” women went to the doctor who stimulated them with their hands until orgasm. Well, there were so many women with this issue that doctors started developing carpal tunnel syndrome. And thus, the vibrator was created. Now take THAT story to your next Bible study!

Vibrators are your sexy tools for your sexy tool box.

When your husband is fixing the leaky sink he knows exactly which tool to use to get it done in the most efficient way. On the other hand, if he’s not sure which tool is best, he has to experiment until he finds what works. So the next time he goes to fix the leaky sink he will know exactly what tool to grab to get it done quicker.

Your sexy drawer, or your sexy tool box, is the same way. This is the space in your bedroom designated for sexy tools such as your lubricants, vibrators, blindfold and maybe some hand cuffs or wrist restraints. Just like your sweetie needed a specific tool for the leaky faucet, you both need to know which lubricant or vibrator will best suit your needs. While this can take some experimentation, it can also be very, very fun!

Vibrators add to what your partner already does for you.

So, for instance, let’s say you’re having vaginal sex and you’re close to an orgasm. The thing is, you’re having a hard time making it happen. That can feel frustrating for both of you! Because most women require clitoral stimulation for any type of orgasm, a vibrating c-ring is the sexy tool you need. On the flip side, you can use a small finger tip vibrator to enhance oral favors for your partner.

Now, you might wonder if your vibrator will replace your spouse at some point. Here’s the thing, it can if you allow it to. This is why I encourage all couples to have open and honest conversations about vibrators before introducing them to your bedroom life. It’s healthy to express your fears and your struggles. This is also a good time to lay down some boundaries on when and how you want vibrators to be used.

Using vibrators doesn’t have to carry those negative stigmas anymore. Start the conversation with your partner today!

What my clients have to say:

So I have three toys. I have Magic Mike, a pink one with a clitoral rabbit, and Love Struck. When I was single I enjoyed having something being able to give me pleasure since I wasn’t with anyone. When I started dating my now fiancé, he knew about my toys and he wanted to use them but I was afraid that he would feel a certain way about it. Finally after talking to you I got enough confidence to buy something for us. [He] likes to use it, he asks for it. – Katie

I have the big boy, not sure what you call it, lol. Love the power of it and the plug in recharge vs batteries. – Terry

Intense vibrations help out on those nights where I just can’t seem to get there. The shape of the two “ears” fit very nicely in my clitoral region. – Kendra

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