Your Income can define you… Or NOT

Twice this week a friend has bragged to me about their income. I understand the intent was not to show off. Instead the mission of my friends was to tell me there is opportunity to make great money doing what they are doing. As kind as the intent most likely is to tell me about extra pay days and the thousands being sold at parties, the outcome is the same for me.

It feels belittling to have friends express their high volume of income when they know you are struggling financially.

Mr. Sexy and I live a very different lifestyle than anybody we know.

We are not interested in getting rich.

We are not interested in climbing any corporate ladders.

Mr. Sexy and I have individual burning messages we feel called to pursue and speak about.

Almost three years ago Mr. Sexy left corporate America. Since then, I have all but left the direct sales business world and instead am building my own brand in the sexual health industry. Truth be told, right now things are not easy. Our family is only just beginning the process to heal from deep traumas. This is a process that will take years, if not a lifetime to overcome. That notion fan feel overwhelming, but I’m not. I trust in God’s provisions.

At the same time, Mr. Sexy and I went through all our savings these past two years. We had a lovely nest egg that served its purpose. Now its time to go back to work. But we want to do it different this time, we don’t want to act out of desperation. Too many times we have suffered the consequences of that.

I am not worried about our financial situation. Not really. While it does feel stressful at times, I always go back to all the times God has provided. We have been in much worse places than we are today. And in true form, after Mr. Sexy was turned down from what seemed like the perfect job for us, God provided a totally different job. For some reason, this is the plan. I don’t have to understand why. I don’t have the fucking energy anyways.

So, please, for the love of your friends, think it through before telling your friend about all the money you are making at your job. It only makes us feel like shit.

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