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Lubricant for Everyone!

Have you considered the use of personal lubricant to enjoy a higher level of sexual intimacy with your partner?

My mantra is, “Lubricant is for everyone.”

I hear some common misconceptions among my clients such as: “I don’t have vaginal dryness, so I don’t need anything.”

“I’m not experiencing any pain or discomfort, so I don’t need it.”

“My partner doesn’t like me to use anything, so I don’t need any of that stuff.” Let’s break this down a little bit. 

Lack of Lubrication can be detremental

Women who use lubrication regularly whether with a bedroom accessory, during masturbation or with a partner, will ultimately enjoy a healthier, safer and more enjoyable sex life.

On the flip-side, a woman who is not using anything may experience soreness and/or irritation afterwards. Tiny tears can actually start to appear in the vaginal canal when lubricant is not used on a regular basis.

The irritation may not be noticed right away. However, compounded over time, she might find herself looking for a remedy.

Natural may not be enough

When a woman has natural lubrication during sexual activity, she still needs to use at least a little bit of personal lubricant. The inner vaginal walls still need a little bit of extra moisture to keep sex as enjoyable as possible.

Keep in mind not to use too much, though. There IS such a thing as too much lubricant which can actually decrease sensations, particularly for the woman.

Some men may not want to use lubrication because they may not like the way it feels. Perhaps they have tried a water-based lubricant with their female partner that felt sticky and gooey and it seemed they needed to reapply multiple times in one occasion.

My solution for this couple is Water-Based Lubricant that includes a re-wetting element to it. With this type of lubrication, she will be able to stay wet longer without having to constantly reapply.

Not just for the women

Now, a water-based lubricants are not typically ideal for the male partner. What he will want is Cream Lubricant.

A lubricant that has a creamy, emollient texture is ideal for sexual favors below the waist and is a required lubrication with a masturbation pleasure sleeve and a c-ring.

I have heard too many stories about men using all kinds of lotions that happened to be around in the moment – and the sexual encounter more often than not resulted in burning, itching and no more sexy time for a while.

This is why keeping an eye on the ingredients of lubricant is important. For the woman who is particularly sensitive, she might want to avoid flavored lubricants or lubricants that contains parabens or glycerin.

Always be sure that what is being used as lubricant is PH Balanced and sugar free. And hey… That makes the lube Keto friendly! This is winning in my book, peeps.

You might have further questions on this topic. Comment below, message me on Instagram or Facebook or send me quick email. I look forward to connecting with you!

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