Massage is the easiest form of foreplay when you are using the right tools. Lack of foreplay is a leading cause of sexual dissatisfaction among women.

Massage is the Easiest Form of Foreplay: Here’s How

Massage is the number one practice I encourage for couples. Oftentimes women ask me how they can increase pleasure during intimacy. In fact, some women are dealing with vaginal dryness, pains and discomforts. Typically, I will start the conversation with these two questions:

  1. Are you using a good water-based lubricant?
  2. How much foreplay are you engaging in?

More often than not, women answer, “no,” to one or both questions. It’s no secret water-based lubricant is super helpful with getting the body prepared for sex. So now let’s discuss your largest sex organ: your brain. As a matter of fact, this is where the art of home massage comes into play.

Slowing down for intimate massage can help ignite passion.

In fact, spending time together and touching each other can be highly arousing. This massage helps center your mind on the sensations. You can start to relax. You might notice the to-do list of the day fades as your eagerness for your partner grows.

Good massage doesn’t have to cost a ton of money.

Using a tool like the In Good Hands massage gloves can be very helpful. These multi textured gloves make it possible to give different types of massage. Zero skill required, peeps! And what’s more, these gloves are great to for exfoliating in the shower and any of your lotions and potions! I personally have two sets of massage gloves.

Now, after a few massages together, you might want to spice things up. First, I recommend you start with the Premiere. This is a finger tip vibrator that easily slides into the massage gloves. Or, grab the Dream On massage ball. No gloves required! This powerful vibrator will have you feeling oh-so-good in all of the ways.

Vibrating massage can naturally lead to sex if you allow for it.

When it comes to lotion or oil for massage, I recommend to go with what you like. Right? Mr. Sexy prefers oil to lotion because he feels like oil lasts longer. I, on the other hand, have zero preference. It just has to smell amazing. So, I recommend the Burning Desire sensual massage or our libido enhanced massage oil. More benefits of the Burning Desire are lighting, sensual scent and an amazing oil that can be poured directly onto the skin. The libido oil, one the other hand, is infused with oils like ylang-ylang. It is literally designed to enhance feelings of passion, desire and sex drive.

To finish up, I hope by now we can all agree that foreplay is an essential part of intimacy and the massage is the easiest to get it! As long as you can move your up and down on someone else’s body, you can give amazing massage. Sometimes you just need to know what tool use.

Here’s what my customers are saying:

“This (Premiere) is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Something discreet but powerful. It does the trick and I don’t have to feel awkward whipping out a large toy for such a quick job lol. This will work for travel too.” -Laura W.

“Bought this (Dream On ball) to help massage out knots in my husband’s neck/shoulders and for mine as well. It works wonderfully!” -Ashley S.

“This oil (libido oil) is like no other! Not only Is It natural, but it also heats up upon contact when rubbing your hands together and it doesn’t dry up during the massage. I’ve found my new favorite!” -Tamika M.

“These gloves (In Good Hands) are wonderful, they apply everything so evenly, the massage are so relaxing and The cleaning is great.” -Tammy C.

“I think this (Burning Desire) is our new favorite!! This is absolutely lovely to smell and is so satisfying! Great for foreplay and endless possibilities! We absolutely enjoyed this. Can get a little messy on sheets and blankets, but worth it! It is very smooth on skin and actually has a great feel. Can be used to set a very calm and soothing experience or a touchRead more about review stating of naughty you decided!!!” -Kristin D. 

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