Husband. Saying YES to those gut feeling ideas and you grow a sense of fullfillment that fuels your relationship with your husband, your firends and your spirit.

To Your Husband, Friends & Your Spirit: Practice Saying Yes

Friend, have you ever had an urge to do something for yourself or husband and instead of saying YES you thought, “Nah, I’ll do it later,” or, “Nobody else will really care about this.” And then you didn’t do the thing. I can personally give you so many examples of when I had these exact conversations. What I found is that “later” never arrived and the one woman who needed to hear my message never heard it…

Your ideas and urges to do the things are important for your husband, your friends and your spirit.

What sets you apart from everybody else is YOU. Only YOU can do what YOU do. You have personal experiences that shape your story. Your voice is unique with the lens you see the world through. And what’s more, I full believe you were put on this earth for divine purpose. I don’t know what that is for you, though. That’s something for you to discover for yourself – and I think you could find it by saying YES to a few things…

Practice saying YES to your husband.

Oftentimes I say, “no,” to Mr. Sexy. I don’t use that word, specifically, instead it’s in my tone, my body language or what I’m wearing. I understand that I hold onto beliefs that sexual intimacy is difficult and takes a lot of work. These ideas were introduced starting at 16 years old. I lost my virginity one morning and the experience created a wound that is still healing. Therefore, being open to saying YES to my husband isn’t always easy. And the thing is, saying yes can be a simple kiss on the cheek or embracing the opportunities to spoon before getting up for the day. One thing I finally learned through Mr. Sexy is that it doesn’t all have to lead to s-e-x like all my previous relationships taught me.

Practice saying YES to your friends.

When you’re taking care of you, you can better show up for yourself, your family and your friends too! I’m known as a social butterfly. I’m all over social media, I do love to hang out and be the life of the party. What’s curious, is that getting me to that point is sometimes difficult. A lot of the time I tell my friends I am unavailable for the party even though I could shift my schedule if I want. What IS that? Can you relate too? Having a supportive husband comes into play here because oftentimes he is the one encouraging me to throw on some jeans and get out there! You are allowed to leave the family at home, throw on your party shoes and get out there, too! This is one of the ways you take care of you, boo.

Practice saying YES to your Spirit.

Your inner Spirit, that gut idea or feeling, is what guides you through the maze of life. I call it God and you might call it something different. I have found that this gut idea of doing the thing, whatever it is, propels me forward. It can add joy, fun, spontaneity, growth and so much more. When you say no to your Spirit, you are saying no to the core of who you are. For example, I just finished church at home with the family and felt the urge to write you this message. I have no idea who needs to read it. I do know, though, that it’s YOU. Because you made it here, and you made it this far. So follow your gut. Allow yourself the space to do the thing!

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