Exercise May Increase Sensation During Sexual Activity?

Exercise might be the key to increased sensation during sexual activity. Although now that I’ve said that, you’re probably ready to leave this blog because the idea of cardio or weight lifting is not on your radar for summer fun, 2021. That’s not the exercise l have in mind for you, though. When you squeeze your pc muscles tight, you are doing the exercise to increase bladder control, prevent prolapse and enjoy more sensation during sex.
Did you guess the exercise yet?
It’s Kegels! 

Kegel-ing is one of the best types of exercise you can do for your sex life

Think of it like when you do an at-home work-out with an emphasis on your legs. Every single squat gets you closer to your goal of tone and strength. As you work your muscles regularly, you start to notice some changes. The way you pick up your kids gets easier. The way you pick up and carry your groceries feels different.
It’s the same idea with your pc muscles. Left alone, they will become weak resulting in low sensation during sex and prolapse down the road. When you start to kegel, you will notice your thoughts gravitating towards sexy ideas. This is because you are contracting the same muscles that give you an orgasm. 

Strong P.C. muscles mean strong orgasms! 

Kegels alone might not be enough. Allow me to introduce you to a set of Ben Wa Balls that you will get along with great! The set is called Exercise-Her it comes with two weights that are cased in soft silicone. The two balls are two different weights. You would probably start with the 30-gram ball and move up to the 40-gram as needed. 

You can easily remember to use your Exercise-Her by doing your exercises while you do another habitual task such as brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair

My favorite place to store my personal set is in my shower! This visual reminder ensures I never forget to exercise while l wash my hair. So always have some lubricant and toy cleaner in the shower as well. There are 3 techniques I use:
First, I contract my pc muscles at a steady pace while I shampoo.
Second, I contract and hold for 3 seconds while I condition my hair.
Last, I will contract intently while I do a final rinse. And that’s my Kegel system using the Exercise-Her

Here is what my others are saying:

“I purchased these a few years ago, and tried it, and I threw them in a drawer and thought my pelvic floor was too weak for this tool. Well, I tried it again yesterday and today and decided to try for a long time because I did not have any issues, and it was AMAZING!! I really like how tight I feel after it has been in for a lengthy time.” 

“These seem to be helpful. My husband noticed a tighter grip. Overall he’s satisfied and that’s all that matters!”

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