How to Turn Your Sunburn Into a Lasting Tan

Sunburn is the worst part about summer or is that just me? Not having a sunburn remedy though is the worst.
I tend to burn easily and have come to expect that. The frustrating part is that after all the aloe vera not only did I feel like a sticky green monster, I also lost all my sun-kissed skin! While the aloe helped cool the sting from my burn and help it heal, it didn’t moisturize my skin enough.
The result was lots of peeling off my dead skin to reveal new pale skin to match what I was wearing the week before. What is your sunburn remedy?

So what is the Sun Burn Remedy?

Body dew hydrates your skin 7 layers deep resulting in less peeling and more tanning in feet. My personal experience with this sunburn remedy is zero peelings and the summer skin I was always after as a teenager.
The trick is to put on way more of the oil than you think you would typically need, after 9 long days in the sun l love getting the most delicate massage from Mr. Sexy with My Body dew oil.
It’s small, almost insignificant moments like these where intimacy can grow. Let’s be honest: sex is not on the table in any way after a sunburn! If more couples can figure out that something like tending to a sunburn can create intimacy, we would have slightly fewer problems with bad sexcapades.
I wonder how many will read the above sentence and then read I again, thinking about how this concept might look in their own life. Intimacy, foreplay, relationships its all a state of mind! You can decide at any given time that you love your partner and want to act o that. Something as mundane as skin care is just one stepping stone towards your ultimate goal of freedom between the sheets

Here is what my customers say they love about body -dew!~

Capri Dream is my favorite PR fragrance and body dew is my favorite body product. I use it daily after my shower, it helps keep my skin so soft, it is so easy to apply and of course I love the smell.

Christine C.

It feels great on your skin. Not oily and a little bit goes a long way.

Alyssa S

I love how light and refreshing capri denim is. I use it after every shower or bath. And love the way it makes my skin feel!

Samantha N.

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