Lingerie: 3 Reasons to Fall in Love with You

When you think of lingerie, what pops into your mind first?
Is it the cost of such small pieces of material?
Maybe you remember how you felt wearing it during your anniversary weekend. Or perhaps lingerie isn’t part of your vocabulary at all. If that’s you, please stick around for a few minutes because I’m going to show you how fun and enticing sexy clothing can be.
Here’s the best part:
We are not going to talk about your partner at all. At least, they aren’t the focus. Our intention today is all about YOU which leads us to my first point.

Lingerie is more about you and less about your partner

Oftentimes women tell me they don’t buy and wear lingerie because it’s on for less than 5 minutes. Or they tell me their partner prefers the nakedness. Both of these ideas are centered around your partner instead of the woman actually wearing the soft lace or sexy leather. What you choose to wear makes a powerful statement about how you feel about yourself.

If the only items you own are granny panties, oversized t-shirts, and one or two basic white bras, this is a sign that you are not in touch with your sexuality. Or at the very least, not as in touch as you could be. On the other hand, if you open your underwear drawer and it’s full of variety such as lace, satin, g-strings, bikini style, colors, and yes, even some granny panties, this is a sign that you value your sensuality. 

Part of your daily attire

Some days you might feel like poop and prefer your sweat pants, granny panties, and a greasy mom bun while you eat chocolate ice cream and watch Grey’s Anatomy re-runs all day. We all have those days. Then again, you can have those days and choose to wear a lacy panty set under your sweats. What a fun secret to keep! What a fun way to surprise your partner at the end of the day!

Lingerie can be as expensive as you want them to be. You can spend $20 on a piece that you will never actually wear because it doesn’t fit quite right. Buuuuut it’s cheap. What a waste of money!!! You can spend $100 on a piece that you wear so often your partner will wonder if you have anything else in your lingerie stash. This is money well spent!!! Odds are that more expensive piece is higher quality material and designed to fit your body in a way that makes you feel like a QUEEN

Keep lingerie pieces that help you feel AMAZEBALLS

Your body is a gift that serves you every single day. You can choose to honor your body by wearing clothing that helps you feel what you want to feel: Sexy, powerful, feminine, masculine, sensual, girly, flirty, kinky, etc. This is your permission to go through your closet and discard all the clothing that no longer serves you. By that I mean, what have you not worn in years? What is in your closet that you LOVE but every time you put it on, you hate it? 

Your closet should be a fun space for you to play in and tap into the woman you are. Have fun! Even granny panties can be fun and sexy – you have to be willing to make that investment, though. And that’s the truth of the matter. Lingerie is an investment in YOU. What you wear will build you up or tear you down. This is a choice you make every single day when you get dressed. Sound stressful? I sure think so! Especially when your closet has every size, every color, and every decade because you haven’t thrown anything out. What is that cost for you, really? To keep so many items that you don’t even like?

Obviously, I’m a fan of lingerie. I have personally witnessed how wearing something that feels good can shape what I think about myself, and how that directly impacts my relationship with Mr. Sexy. In fact, he’s the one who told me that his favorite sexy look is when I’m wearing an oversized sweatshirt, a messy bun, and no bottoms. After realizing some of his favorite looks on me, I started to experiment with what he liked, to discover what I liked. My lingerie stash is ALL ABOUT ME.

Currently, my favorite piece is the Lace Sculpting Body Suit. It’s perfect for a sexy evening at home, or a flirty night at the club. It’s super tight to put on because it’s designed to hold your stomach in and smooth ripples. This makes it ideal under a cocktail dress! The clasps at the bottom allow for easy access to use the restroom and the straps are easily hidden just like a regular bra would be. 

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